Here at Mae La Rose we do a little bit of everything.

Face mask's- are handmade and can take up to a week to ship out depending on the demand. They all have a filter sewn in. MUST BE HAND WASHED AND HANG DRY!!!!

Bleach Tees- are sun bleached, we are located in Michigain so depending on our weather they can take up to 1-3 weeks. they are all washed in tide before shipping out. each bleach tee will have a different outcome.

Tumblers- are all custom and made with epoxy due too that they need up to 3 days of curing time. can take up to, a week to ship. tumblers that are custom made and with coats of epoxy there will be imperfections and will not come out perfect every time.

Any questions you may have you can reach out to me and I will respond as fast as I can.. thank you